My roommate turned on the news this morning.

It’s been 2 years now since I’ve cut-off the news. For the past 2 years I’ve tried my hardest to avoid the news in every way possible. I can’t completely get away from the news, the stories always make it to lunch conversations, the dinner table, social media posts, movies and other experiences. Every time I’m exposed to the news I walk away agitated, afraid, pessimistic and with a negative view of the world.

But the world is so much more beautiful and joyous than the narratives we’re fed. Life has so much to offer that we should never let fear be our prophet. If I had to summarize what my fears in life should be based on news hypes from the past few years I should,

  • Be afraid of cops because they want to attack me and get away with it
  • Be afraid of taking Airplanes in Southeast Asia because I’ve yet to hear about one that has landed safely
  • Be afraid of Muslims because their an out of control, deeply networked bunch that’s out to get us
  • Be afraid for my younger siblings in Middle/High school because who knows who might try to shoot or assault them
  • Be afraid of anyone who coughs near me because they could have Ebola

This is just a sample of what has come my way. The discussions in the media are extremely persuasive and captivating. The problem with the news is it’s people feeding you digested bits of facts served to us in order help satiate our carnal craving for excitement and drama. If we want to truly understand issues we have to filter what we consume and do serious research. We have to go read books on history and case studies from people who dedicate their lives to the many issues presented to us between dishwasher soap and car commercials.

My roommate turned on CNN and I helplessly felt gripped by emotions from watching the coverage on a heinous incident in France.. sigh… I acknowledge that their are indeed evils in the world but most of us are not capable of properly prioritizing the probabilities of what should matter immediately to us. Here’s a list of what we should worry about,

  1. Not living up to your potential/developing yourself… which leads to #2
  2. Not leading a meaningful life and contributing to the world in a positive way… which should involve #3
  3. Not connecting with your family and friends and establishing a healthy community … which you can probably do via #4
  4. Not fulfilling your body’s right upon you of daily exercise and letting it degenerate and be taken by disease.

But… I don’t know anything about life, this is my first try at it. Like everyone else I’m just winging it, so let us wing on everyone!

** I should note that I love journalism and the people in this industry. We need more people, of pure intentions, to go into this field.