Mistakes. I hate making mistakes. But I love making mistakes. Last week I made some pretty big mistakes and they tormented me for a few days but then I got over them. Here are some lessons I’ve learned recently,

  1. Don’t ever be ungrateful. Appreciate the smallest and biggest things you have in life with sincerity.
  2. Be patient, you’re not entitled to anything in life
  3. Be humble
  4. When negotiating/selling, make sure you properly and fully address the others needs/wants or at the very least address them. Being one sided does you no good.
  5. The night always comes, the night always comes

I can easily get over mistakes where I have wronged myself. But I find it much harder to move past a mistake when I’ve impacted someone else. I think we should all struggle a bit when we’ve wronged others. I think that’s a caring, human experience that’ll lead to cohesive communities. When we wrong someone else, we should do all that we can set wrong to right and after that not dwell on what happened and just let things go.

In life, no one knows what they’re doing, we’re all just winging it!

So wing on people, WING ON!