Today was day 1 of Recurse Center (formerly known as Hacker School). Day 1 has been awesome and very, very exhausting – but in a good way. I’ve met a ton of cool people and there are still many more to meet.

I spent the day just chatting to different people, getting a feel for the various projects being worked on. I tried to understand the backgrounds and skills people have. Everyone here is awesome. Here’s a rough summary of things I participated in today,

  1. Talking to everyone – tried my best to be a social butterfly.
  2. Attended a “Learn Haskell” session with Alan (Facilitator). It was a good learning experience. My coursework on ML from the Coursera Programming Languages class has made a lot of Haskell easier to understand but I’ve still got a ways to fully wrap my ahead around a fully functional language.
  3. Discussed ways Nikki Bee can refactor her existing word scrambler program
  4. Briefly hovered over the shoulders of Bob and Serban as they were going through the React Native tutorial
  5. Talked to Deanna about Robotics, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, writing C/C++ code, contributing to Open Source projects, and technical interviews.
  6. Talked to Neha & Dakota about Machine Learning, MIT, computer science Masters vs PhD
  7. Talked to Michelle on Crypto Pals which are a set of cryptography problems that one can solve in any language, they’ve helped Michelle get a deeper understanding of Python.
  8. Talked to Andrew about studying algorithms and doing daily training in those areas.
  9. Talked to Serena briefly about her work on reimplementing K-means, working with NLP, and other things.
  10. Talked to Anthony on his Android app that collects data from an Android phone sensor
  11. Attended Neha’s talk on Databases and Consistency.
  12. Talked to Geoffrey about Taekwondo and his background
  13. Talked to Heidi about getting more into UI/UX

I’ve probably missed many other conversations but there was a lot of socializing and mixing of ideas today.

Somethings I plan on doing tomorrow,

  1. Continue on Coursera Programming Languages course, especially the ML section
  2. Work with Anthony on setting up a REST service that can receive his Android phone data recordings
  3. Complete the GO tutorial, read Paxos papers
  4. Start implementing Paxos in GO
  5. Talk to Andrew & Serena about their NLP work
  6. Talk to Joel about his React/Haskell work if time allows

My goal in general is to spend the next 2 weeks just absorbing and learning from others. I’m not too interested in purusing my own projects just yet. I think there’ll be plenty of time for me to pursue my own projects later.