Well today was very interesting. I went to the PyCon warm up talks held at Venmo’s offices with Tom. Tom is speaking at PyCon and talked about ‘Terminal Whispering’. It was a great talk on to do cool UI stuff in your terminal. He started with the history that set the tone for a lot of the terminal technology, aka the type writer.

The python meetup organizers kept asking people in audience to do a lightning talk. After 2 people went I felt the peer pressure to give one as well. So I got up and talked about this Pomodoro app I built to play with Kivy. The talk had to be 3 to 5 minutes I think and I apparently I almost took too long.

At the meetup I also got to connect again with James Powell, the organizer of the NYC Python meetup group. Me, Tom, and James got into a really technical discussion on the python interpreter, process forking, shared objects, linkers and more. We were talking about a strategy for working on Tom’s bpython program that I’ll be pairing on next week.