Stack Overflow’s Office

I started the day off today by going to visit Stack Overflow’s office in the Financial district. I got a tour of their office from my friend. It’s an epic place. I arrived early for the visit and waited in their cafe area. There were 2 other people in the cafe area and one of them looked like Joel Spolsky. But I didn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t think I’d run into Joel just like that. So I googled a picture of him and started at my phone, looked at him, looked down my phone, looked at him and then closed my phone. The Joel Spolsky was right in front of me. Joel and I made eye contact several times as I was trying to get a grip of my surroundings.

I wanted to go up to him and be like, ‘dude I love your blog and the companies you started’… But then I reconsidered and decided not to.. That’s just tasteless. No one likes a fan boy. So I kept my cool and pretended not to notice him. I sat down a few tables away from him, crossed my legs, laid my right arm back against the sofa, and used my left hand scroll through my phone. I was totally nonchalant about his presence.

The StackOverflow office is pretty dope. They have all things a pampered tech office would have – game rooms, kitchen + cafeteria, cafe, libraries, fancy desks, and so on. But the best part about their office was the view. I didn’t take picture but I remember it and it was epic. Apparently they hold meet ups there, so I’ll have a chance to enjoy their space sometime in the future.

Who was my friend @ SO?

Before I left my job to come to RC, I gave a 6 week notice. During which I helped recruit for my replacement. During this recruiting process I got to work with Stack Overflow sales person because we made a posting on their site. Earlier in the week the sales person wanted to follow up with me on the candidate search but I told them I have moved on to RC and am currently in New York. So my new sales friend invited me over for coffee and then gave me a tour of their office. It was pretty fun visit overall.