Today I started looking at the code for rlundo because I’ll be pairing with Tom on it soon. rlundo let’s you undo commands in your terminal. I think it’s a really cool project. But I think the technique and code behind it is even cooler. I realized that looking at python code makes me happy, like really really happy.

Up until today I’ve written/read/followed code in these languages,

  • Haskell - from the session with Allan.
  • Go - from pairing with Aditya, going the golang tutorial, and the paxos problem.
  • ML - from working through the Coursera prolang course.
  • ES6 - from pairing with Mudit & Lyn on a React/Flux program.

But today I started looking at python code with the intention of contributing to it.

I just realized why I was happy to look at python code. Python is my strongest language and it’s where I feel at home. All those other languages are foreign. I felt weak and lost when I was in those other languages. I wasn’t as capable in ML, Haskell, Go, or ES6. But I did learn a ton about those languages and programming in general. I’m also remembering that you have to be comfortable with confusion to learn. And that’s just it. My being happy looking at python code may not necessarily be due to some extra love I have for python but it’s my being in my comfort zone that has relaxed me.

Getting outside of my comfort zone was the whole point of RC. If I’m confused…. no, if I am challenged than I’m doing things right. In regards to python, getting out of my comfort zone means getting deeper into the internals and writing more intricate, challenging python programs (or so I think).