I started using vim about 1 year ago and I love it. I’m currently writing this post in VIM. When I was first contemplating using VIM I was very intimidated due to all the articles and internet conversations that say it takes years to learn, you won’t be productive for a very long-time, it’s not worth it, etc. Up to this point in my career I have used many IDEs and text editors - Visual Studio, Eclipse, Sublime Text, gedit, etc - and I had no problem with these gui driven tools. But there was this other world of terminal based editors that I wanted to explore.

Here are some tips for those just starting out with VIM:

  1. Play VIM Adventures. It was the #1 resource that helped me with get comfortable with the VIM navigation and special actions. I didn’t make this game and I don’t know the owner but it’s the best resource I’ve used.
  2. Always Google what is painful. If you don’t want to put a comma at the end of every line or you wish you could create a file from inside your current editing session.
  3. But read the wiki to understand a set of commands/features more deeply.