Remember long, long ago when you had to go to the store to buy rolls of 35mm film so you can take pictures. You’d get the film, open your camera cover, put the film cannister on the left hand side and pull the leading strip to the right hand side. You’d hook the film strip to the barrel on the right hand side, roll the barrel a little bit and close the camera immediately.

Then you would take picture after picture and roll the film via the outside gear with your thumb after each shot. After a few hours or days you’d look at the camera and it would say ‘16’, meaning you have 8 pictures left on the film. Back then you thought about the shots, there weren’t very many redos, no selfies, and you didn’t think about who was going to ‘like’ or ‘favorite’ the photos. When the camera film finally ran out, you’d wind it back up, take it out of the camera and go to the grocery store to have the film developed.

Once you got to the register of the photo service area, you’d grab an envelope, drop your film roll, check some checkboxes and hand it to the person over the register. Then you waited, waited, and waited, thinking all the while - “I wonder how they came out”….

Life is so different now.