Started the morning off today by deciding to not walk my normal route to RC. I decided to take different streets. I can’t say I was trying to get lost because the entire street system is a grid, you can’t really get lost easily. But I did discover a soccer field and there were people playing. The players didn’t look like they were part of a team but I can’t see people having a pick up game at 9 AM. I’ll have to look more into it.

I paired with Malko on using NW.js for a project today. Instead he recommended I go with atom-shell for making Javascript desktop apps. I’m now going through the docs of atom-shell. Hopefully I’ll have something up soon.

The remainder of the day I paired with Aditya on the gitgo project. We worked on implementing a way to read git pack files. I think git’s pack files are compressed in a pretty annoying scheme. I never thought I’d work on something where I’m reading bytes and using bitwise operations to get what I wanted. All my web dev experience has definitely been way too high level.